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Whether you're a skilled marksman or hunter, new to the sport or simply desire to become a better skilled and more confident shooter, you'll want to check out Rampart Range. The most modern equipment, coupled with Rampart's highly trained staff, will ensure a SAFE and professional environment, ideal for practicing proper firearms technique, safety and handling.

More advanced than most ranges in the region, Rampart Range features 10 indoor, 25-yard lanes with the most advanced HEPA filtration and bullet recovery systems available. The automatic target retrieval system allows each shooter to set his/her target at the desired distance, providing a customizable, more effective practice session.

In addition to individual range time, Rampart Range is open to shooting leagues and other groups. Competitors can also look forward to various tournaments hosted at the facility.

All-inclusive pricing - no additional hourly fees apply
50% discount on rental guns
10% discount on ammunition
Members can bring up to six guests throughout the duration of the membership
Individual - $275
Family - $325

(includes spouse and children under 18) Click here to download a membership application.

$16 per hour
$8 per hour - children under 18 with parent

Call for pricing
* Prices subject to change.

Tuesday (all day)
Half Off Normal Range Addmission-$8.00
Thursday (all day) - LADIES DAY
Lady's half-price day - $8 per hour
Friday (all day) - DATE NIGHT
Couples get $8 discount & 10% off ammo purchases

  • Rampart Range personnel are in direct control of the range at all times. Any person or persons handling a firearm in an unsafe manner will be asked to leave the range.
  • Rampart Range personnel will inspect all firearms and ammunition. Any firearm or ammunition that is unsafe or prohibited from use on the range will be immediately removed from the range.

  • All firearms must be unloaded and cased before entering Rampart Range premises.
  • Shooters will not, under any circumstances move beyond the firing line. If you need assistance because of an object such as magazine, target, etc. has fallen past the firing line, call the Range Master.
  • Firearms must be pointed downrange at all times. Never point it to the sides or turn around with the firearm.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Only one shooter is allowed to shoot in the firing booth. Only one person in the booth is allowed to handle a firearm at a time.
  • Only when the shooter is in the booth may the firearm be loaded. No loading outside of booth is permitted.
  • No long gun can be propped against the stall walls or against any wall. All long guns must be laid flat on bench or floor with muzzle pointing downrange.
  • If shooter has to leave the booth area temporarily, the firearm must be unloaded with actions open and muzzle pointed downrange.
  • All injuries or damages must be immediately reported to the Rampart Range Master. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • When the shooter is finished, all firearms must be unloaded and cased. The shooting booth area shall be policed ( i.e. brass placed into containers, targets removed and placed into trash containers)

  • All handguns are allowed.
  • Rifle calibers up to, but not exceeding, 3,600 feet per second are permitted.
  • Shotguns, slugs and shot ammunition are permitted.

  • Steel jacket, armor-penetrating, explosive, incendiary, steel core of any kind and tracer rounds are prohibited.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any ammunition we deem un-fit for range use.

  • Shooter will be given choice of targets. No shooter may bring in outside target.

  • All Shooters must wear eye and ear protection. Shooters may bring their own or rent equipment from Rampart Range.

  • Dry firing is permitted only in the shooting booth.

  • If you experience a misfire or malfunction, keep the firearm pointed downrange and clear the firearm. If you need assistance, ask the Range Master for assistance.

  • If you hear the range command of Cease Fire, stop shooting immediately, place your firearm on the bench and step back out of the shooting booth.

  • Drinking, eating or smoking is prohibited on the range at all times.

  • The use of alcohol and/or drugs is strictly prohibited on Rampart Range, Inc. property. Any person caught using alcohol and/or drugs will be escorted off the range.

  Click to download range rules (pdf file)

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